The branding projects were made under the title 'Breding&Branding' and 'Own A Brand'.

'Breding&Branding' was a perfect collaboration with my 2 friends. The company has survived 3 months and earned nothing, but at least it was fun.

'Own A Brand' was created specially for the branding strategy of TEKTON architetcure bureau.

Anyway, it's a great fun to create companies and titles all the time :)
BESPOKE BOOKS Creative Publishing Company Concept
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/ 2017 /

The project is made for one of my friend that wanted to start her own business, but as non of my friends together with me are not good in creating business, it all ended up just with the branding strategy.
GIVE HER VEGETABLES bouquet service
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/ 2014 /

A funny and creative service for those who are tired of boring flower bouquets and their classical presentation, who wants to live sustainable, and who have a little bit of sense of humor. The possibility to cook a meal after is guarantied by the recipe inside the box.
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