Some part of my practice in architecture is dedicated to interior design. Most of the time it was consulting service. Sometimes for different companies to help them to organize their working spaces or working spaces for their workers, sometimes it was the help with the organization of the small living space for people of different ages living in the same flat.
ARISTOTEL Professional School for Public Speaking
Interior project
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/ September 2016 /

This design project is a perfect example of proper cooperation with the client.
The main aims were: economy of the design due to the rental place, comfortable space for holding the public speaking class, manifestation of the client's passion in antic and traditional Ukrainian pieces of culture and mode of life
These aims influenced the decision of white interior with dark natural wood floor.
White paint is the cheapest solution for the walls finishing. At the same time it demonstrates the culture of Ukrainian old house 'hata' with its white calx walls. It also gives the impression of cleanness (the same solution for the wc, but in tiles) and it underlines the pieces of the furniture in the interior.
The dark wood floor creates comfort of the house and lets the tied up students (who are afraid to speak and come to improve their skills in speaking) to feel themselves relaxed and calm.

One traditional Ukrainian piece of culture and mode of life was already present in the client's collection - the carpet. Some of them were bought specially for the space - 2 antic chairs from 1940's, the chest from the end of XIX century, the mirror from the beginning of XX century.

The interior itself very simple but meets all the needs of the educational process.
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/ June 6-7, 2016 /

Jorg Michel / POLA/ Berlin, Germany /
Marti Franch Batllori / EMF/ Barcelona, Spain /
Olivier Philippe / Agence TER / Paris, France /
Markus Jatsch / Martha Schwartz Partners / London, UK /
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