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/ 2014 /

/ based on true stories of polar explorers /

/ According to preliminary calculations the airport of McMurdo was less than two days of walking. We habe been walking together - me and my wife. Precisely, she hasn't been my wife yet. But she had a ring on the annulary of her right hand. It cost me 8k. We have been walking by feet... We have been trying to get married for the third time already. Actually we have bben a couple of losers. We could do nothing at the first time. Absolutely nothing. Di has been wearing this ring for three years already. And we have been planning the wedding for three years already too. The two previous time we just didn't have enough of money. In fact, we haven't got enough of money even now. But we couldn't hesitate more. And we have been walking along an inconstant snow-covered Antarctica, in its western part, one day longer than it was planned. Just because Di had forgotten her wedding dress at the polar station. And we had to come back to take it. And the aircraft has been already waiting for us at the airport of McMurdo, to bring us back to the mainland, and then to the Dominican Republic. The aircrafts fly till the beginning of April. And if we wanted to get away , we have to be in a hurry.

The point is that Antarctica doesn't forgive the frivolity. And sometimes I was looking at Di suspiciously...

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/ 2015 /

/ inspired by Reinaldo Arenas /

His name was Andrej Simonov. He lived in Berlin, in New Koln district. His father was Russian. But he was born in Germany. And he didn't speak Russian at all. He came in and immediately went out. He just said that the beautiful beaches in Prerov still exist. And went out. He said he will come another time. But since then we haven't seen each other. I noticed his eyes at once. He had a sight that so many men have at homeland, but you are always in lack of it here, in Berlin, in West Europe. But still I went to Prerov. Not alone. And not with him. There I touched cold white sand and hot salt water of Baltic. There I heard the desperate screams of seagulls. There I dreamed.

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/ 2013 /

/ scary story for school theatre /

offline mode is off. system restarted. offline mode is off. system restarted. offline mode is off. system restarted. offline mode is off. system restarted. Sonia, Sonechko. come to me, I'll tell you a story. it was a long time ago. in far distant space. on a black black planet. in a black black country. in a black black city. there was a black black street. all covered with a black black sidewalk. that was driving to a black black lane. with a black black house. with black black chimeras. on a black black facade. with a black black door that was leading to the black black house.
a black black hall was behind the black black door. black black stairs were leading to the top out from the black black hall. to a black black room, where was another black black room and then another black black room. and then another black black room. with all black black walls.
there was a black black wardrobe standing near one of black black walls. a black black man was hiding himself in the black black wardrobe. the black black man was sitting and holding a black black telephone. and was thinking what else he should paint in black.

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/ 2013 - 2017 /

66. The second chances should be sold at a reduced price.
67. I do not know what it means - to live. I just know how to compare one or another moment of my life with an episode from a movie that I've seen.
68. And what will remain after me, except of over two hundreds labels cut from the clothes?

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/ 2013 /

Здесь война, мама. Здесь танки. Здесь дяди с оружием. Они не стреляют в воздух. И патроны у них в обойме не фальшивые. И это больше не похоже на игру. Здесь часто слышны выстрелы. Здесь часто слышны разрывы гранат. Но еще чаще здесь тишина. Только стекла в окнах дрожат. Почти беззвучно. И зеркало, что напротив кровати стоит. Почти неслышно. И у меня парализованы ноги. Я это в зеркале вижу. И чувствую. Свои парализованные ноги. Хотя не должна их чувствовать.
Иногда в комнату заходит дедушка. Берет стул и ставит его напротив зеркала. Напротив кровати. И садится. С ним что-то не так. У него голова верх тормашками. И почему-то запрокинута назад. И вроде бы должно быть страшно. Но не страшно. Теперь не страшно.
А еще чаще снятся деревья в паутине в Пакистане в 2011-ом году. Здесь война, мама.

/ 2012 /

Long-awaited conversation with the God
to JY

Once I saw God. I can even match his photo portrait for you. Though, there's nothing interesting. He looks like an ordinary criminal as hundreds of those whose posters with photo portraits are placed at the glass of the ticket offices in the subway. Among these hundreds you can always find him. His twin. I saw him many years ago. And since then I do not have the license for love.

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/ 2013 /

just because I'm telling you this story...
just because it's written in on[n]e's protocol
doesn't mean[n] that it actually took place
that it occurred in my past
generally in someone's
doesn't mean that it ended happily
doesn't mean that the court ruled in my favor
that this judgmen[n]t generally took place
that judges weren't bribed
that the jury sat in the courtroom
that there is a jury in this country in general
it's a story in which an ordinary person like you or me
has little of control
this is a common[n] story of an ordin[nn]ary injustice

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/ 2011 /


Article 1. Ukraine shall be a sovereign and independent, democratic, social, law-based state.
Article 3. An individual, his life and health, honour and dignity, inviolability and security shall be recognised in Ukraine as the highest social value.
Human rights and freedoms, and guarantees thereof shall determine the essence and course of activities of the State. The State shall be responsible to the individual for its activities. Affirming and ensuring human rights and freedoms shall be the main duty of the State.
Article 5. Ukraine shall be a republic.
The people shall be the bearer of sovereignty and the sole source of power
in Ukraine.

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/ 2012 /

Previously, I liked the taste of food. I liked to feel it in my tongue, slowly chew it up. Like this pear, for example. It has a taste ... But I still cannot describe it. I'm not Hemingway. Only he is capable with such things. And I'm just a chef. In fact, to describe the taste of food or some simple smell is much more difficult than to give shape to your feelings. And I do not arrange the competition. I just want to tell you the story how I can not eat.

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techNO [the story of a murder]

/ 2012 /

I believe in people moving
I believe in people not moving
I believe in people talking
I believe in people being silent
and I do not believe in people laughing
I do not believe in people feeling sorry
about something
caused by them

[only the quiet noise of the reactor against the background of a devastating landscape ...]
I've always envy about writers
because they can be heard
because it's so important - to be heard

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